Corning Museum of Glass on Instagram


The Corning Museum of Glass on Instagram

The Corning Museum of Glass has an Instagram! As a part of the museum’s outreach, the Corning Museum of Glass (based in the U.S.A. in Corning, New York) engages the public through various social media platforms (in this instance, Instagram) in order to highlight works from ongoing exhibitions. The museum’s Instagram also features documents, records or objects from the Rakow Library, which is the museum’s Special Collections and Archives department, as well as upcoming, ongoing, or past events.

Highlights of the Instagram include:


Blaschka, Leopold, Blaschka, Rudolf, Blaschka Nr. 578, 1885, glass, paint, wire, resin, H: 2.6 cm, L: 20 cm, D: 11 cm, Currently on display at the Corning Museum of Glass

(Part of the Blaschka collection, which contains glass models of undersea life)


Blaschka, Leopold, Obelia dichotoma, no. 167, 1885, ink, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor on paper, 41 x 33 cm, Rakow Library Archive

(Part of a group of drawings to inform the production of the Blaschka collection)


Choi, Eunsuh, Housed barrier IV, photograph (borosilicate glass; 34 x 77 x 21 cm)

(Included in the Instagram to announce the deadline for submission of artistic works to the New Glass Review, a publication of the museum)

In addition to:

  • Behind-the-scenes shots of the archive, documents, work materials, and staff
  • How-to guides relating to ongoing exhibitions
  • Action-shots from one of the museum’s several glass-blowing studios
  • Drawing submissions for the museum’s Hot Glass You Design It: We Make It program
  • And much more!

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