DC: Selection and Appraisal

In last week’s class we looked at selection and appraisal of digital objects. We were asked to take multiple photographs in Glasgow and to then select and appraise three of them, applying traditional models for the investigation of value of digital materials.




I took the opportunity to capture seemingly surprising details of Glaswegian architecture and infrastructure which I encounter on my regular walks to university. I selected three photographs that particularly show colourful elements of an urban landscape commonly considered as grey and dull. While looking out for this visual evidence, I was especially thinking about a few people who had illegitimately questioned my move to Glasgow on those grounds.

In this context, the three photographs provide informational value of Glasgow being a visually stimulating and rich city. The combination of pink paint and adjacent natural or man-made colourful objects are confined spaces of creative intervention and dedicated engagement.

Based on the informational value of the images, the photographs also bear potential research value. In particular, researchers of urban design and architecture might consider them as relevant examples for bottom-up approaches to the diversification of cityscapes.






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