Digital Repository Software

In today’s Lab we were exploring digital repository software aimed to make the managing of digital information for archivists/data managers simpler.

These tools Roda and Eprint are pretty simple to use. Roda is a tool for creating Submission Information Package (SIP), it doesn’t act as a repository it  creates metadata from inputted information . Eprint acts a digital repository where 1 individual can be user and editor, Eprint holds the file and contains related metadata.

These 2 applications would be used in different ways – Roda would be particularly useful if you wanted to keep the file stored in a different location but you wanted access to its metadata. Eprint would be useful if you wanted easy access to the file and metadata/if the information needed to be updated regularly.

As ever consistency is a risky business and can only really be ensured through effective standards and policies that define how metadata should be inputted. Ensuring accuracy/consistency/precision, can be achieved by restricting access to users and and assigning an individual editor rights to publish material to repository.


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